Interview with Maik

In his spare time, Maik swaps his everyday clothes for a gi.


Zur Person

Your position
Team leader

Your years of service
9.5 years

What few know
I train Karate and Kenjutsu

Maik's start at Rittmeyer began with the decision to study dual in Gera. In doing so, he was able to combine the advantages of study and application in practice. Through his supervisors, he was introduced to the technology and processes in the company and was able to grow with his tasks bit by bit. In return, the company was able to benefit from his practical work up to his bachelor thesis.

After his studies, he decided to continue his career with Rittmeyer. Without a long training period, he was able to take on tasks in his new position as a project engineer in the Gera branch. The good atmosphere in the team with open communication between colleagues, whether branch or project managers and project engineers, always gave him the necessary confidence never to be left alone with a task. This was a great boost to his personal development, as he was able to carry out the timely implementation of projects with customer agreements and deadlines largely on his own. In this way, his knowledge of the technology used by customers, from control systems to instrumentation and control technology to voice alarm systems, expanded continuously across all divisions at Utilities, Wastewater and Hydropower. To pass on some of his knowledge, he has been registered as a student mentor for Rittmeyer students studying at the Duale Hochschule in Gera since 2021.

Due to the change in his office and the focus on the future, Maik has been available to his team as a team leader since the beginning of 2022. In this position, he performs coordinative and organizational tasks in addition to project business.

In his free time, Maik exchanges his everyday clothes for a gi several times a week and trains as a 2nd Dan in karate with club colleagues or stands in front as a volunteer trainer and leads the training. In addition, he has been involved in Kenjutsu, the Japanese art of swordplay, for several years and leads a small training group in the same club as a 1st Dan.

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