Interview with Nico

Our project engineer Nico has been working in our Hydropower business segment since 2013. He studied electrical engineering and completed further training as an MAS industrial engineer at the HSLU.

How did you get started at Rittmeyer?

After my studies, I started at Rittmeyer as a project engineer for large hydropower plants, but for the last three years I have been specifically responsible for smaller hydropower plants.

What does a typical day look like for you?

I get the customer's software requirements from the project manager. I then use the requirements specification to write the software and continue to work closely with the project manager and sometimes also with the customer. As soon as the software is ready, we have a plant acceptance test internally, where the customer comes by and we discuss whether that's what they had in mind. In a further step, I go directly to the plants, as soon as the switch cabinets and controls are wired, and play my software on the controls and start doing signal tests and test functions such as control mechanisms, machine controls. The plant is then commissioned together with the customer, so it's also very close to the customer.

Your best customer moment?

I am very happy when the customer enjoys my software and according to his ideas. There is no better feedback. We have thus provided him with added value.

What makes Rittmeyer unique?

Rittmeyer has always held its own in a niche and has also dared to do unconventional things. If the customer does not know exactly who can support him with his request, then he often comes to us and together we try to find the best possible solution. We are very close to our customers, which is what we are known for, and of course for our reliable solutions.

I recommend Rittmeyer to you because....

the team, you are not alone, everyone talks at eye level and you can really make a difference.

How would you describe your team spirit?

We in the Hydropower division have our after-work beer on Fridays, otherwise we meet regularly in private and have a sports club with which we go to the gym once a week. So there's also a lot of collegial activity.

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