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Here you will find answers to the most frequently asked questions

Application process

I have not found a suitable job offer for me, what options do I have?

We are also happy to receive your spontaneous application. Apply via our online application form. Please indicate the country (Switzerland, Germany, or Austria) in which you apply for a position.

Who do I contact with application-related questions?

If you have any questions, please contact the person mentioned in the job advertisement.

How can I tell if a position has already been filled and until when can I still apply?

The job advertisements are updated regularly, which means that all advertised positions on our careers page are still vacant.

How can I find out more about the start date of the vacancies?

If not indicated otherwise in the job advertisement, we usually intend to fill the vacancies the earliest possible date.

What documents do I need to submit for my application?

You should upload a CV, a letter of motivation, at least the last transcript of your higher education or vocational training and any existing work references. Submittal of documents in PDF format is preferred.

If possible, please do not submit individual documents, but group and collate them according to categories such as job references and training certificates.

What is the selection process?

Your application and qualifications will be checked against the competency requirements of the vacancy by our recruiter and line managers.

If the position you applied for matches your experience, you will be invited to a first interview. If the assessment is positive, further interviews will be arranged. In appreciation of your time commitment, we will ask you for no more than two on-site interviews. Depending on the position, you may also be asked to complete a personality assessment.

Can I still apply after a rejection?

Of course. Rittmeyer is constantly looking for qualified and committed employees.


What opportunities are there for graduates and students?

Depending on the availability of positions, we offer students university internships for a perfect career start. We also support bachelor's and master's theses, for which we gladly accept spontaneous applications.

How do I apply for a university internship or a Bachelor's/Master's thesis at Rittmeyer?

Send us a spontaneous application with your ideas and your desired area of work. We look forward to receiving your application.

At which contact meetings can I get in touch with Rittmeyer employees?

You can meet us in Switzerland at the ETH polymesse, at the HSLU and OST contact talks and at the FHNW Career Day. We also cooperate with the Duale Hochschule in Gera-Eisenach, Germany.

Vocational training

Does Rittmeyer also offer apprenticeships?

Yes, our headquarters in Switzerland offer apprenticeships for automation technicians EFZ. In cooperation with the bildxzug apprenticeship association, we also offer apprenticeships for IT specialists EFZ and commercial office assistants EFZ, for which you may contact bildxzug directly.

Does Rittmeyer support the apprenticeship as an automation technician with a vocational baccalaureate?

Yes, you can mention your interest in the vocational baccalaureate in your job interview, we will support you in your choice.

How do I find out that apprenticeships are still open?

You will find information about our apprenticeships under Vocational Training or on our Yousty-Profil

When will the apprenticeship places be open for applications?

You may apply for an apprenticeship from May onwards for the following year.

Does Rittmeyer also offer try-out apprenticeships?

Yes, opportunities for two-day trial traineeships are offered for automation technician EFZ are from January onwards. Register here for a trial apprenticeship.

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Talent Acquisition Manager